Each person interprets romantic style in a unique way. To me, the look is simply not complete without my five favorite essentials!

Courtney Allison's bedroom is full of romantic style
Courtney’s classic gingham sofa makes a statement against the bedroom’s neutral tones.

1. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers instantly add warmth and charm to your home. Think outside the nightstand and dining-room-table box. I love to add them in the bathrooms, on the window sill in the kitchen and even on the outdoor tables.

2. Barely Blushing

Barely-there blush and shades of creams and whites are perfect ways to add a bit of romantic style. Your colors don’t have to be oversaturated to make a statement. Think subtle and simple for big impact.

3. The Midas Touch

I always love a bit of gold mixed in to create a romantic, elegant feeling.  Adding just a touch of gold on the mantel or table is all you need to bring a bit of drama.

4. A Little Bit of Bling

I am a big believer in the power of chandeliers—and those crystals and pretty little details add instant sophistication and romance to a room.

5. Something with a Story

Incorporate something with pretty patina. A gilded finish on the frame. A carved vintage chair covered in white linen—anything with a bit of history adds romance and character to a room. Plus, it gives you something to talk about when you have guests.