Lavender centerpiece
Dried lavender acts as a centerpiece and color inspiration.

Decorate with lavender for a delightfully simple way to evoke Provence and integrate the floral herb’s lovely scent and color.

Lavender is easy to find and to grow. Whatever your method, once you’ve gathered fresh lavender, set some aside to dry. Simply tie a bundle together and hang upside down. The dried lavender will make a great centerpiece strewn across a table runner in the same dreamy shade. Play off the color and natural inspiration with seashells and barnacles with purple tinges. White and cream decorative accents like other seashells or china are excellent complements.

You could also use an extra creamer from your tea set to serve as a bud vase for a few pieces of lavender set aside as an accent. For a more rustic take on a countertop or on top of a bookshelf, use a vintage watering can as a vase for some dried lavender. You could also create a vignette with some lavender peeking out of a vintage book.

Lavender as a powder room accent
Lavender as a powder room accent

Lavender can extend beyond your tablescape. Decorate with lavender in your bathroom, too. You could set up a vase or vintage bottle on the countertop to hold the dried lavender. You can also use them to beautify your soap. The flower’s clean, earthy scent will also grace your bathroom with the French country fragrance.