Add French elegance to your own home with vintage finds.

Bonjour! Have you ever been to Paris? The grand architecture, small alleys and winding cobble roads create a sense of wonder, romance and mystery. There’s no wonder Paris has the nickname of the City of Love. If you want to bring some of this romance into your own home, French antiques are the key.


French antiques are the key to creating a romantic feel at home.

Meet Lori Chandler, owner of Vignettes Antiques. Lori has been hunting down French antiques for over a decade and carefully curates her collection in her San Diego, California shop. Lori knows the secret to a dream home—to find pieces that are special and meaningful. “When you surround yourself with beloved vintage pieces, ones that you feel a connection with, not only will you have created your own signature look, but your home will stand apart with unsurpassed style,” she says.


Add French antiques to your home for an elegant, romantic style.

Once you have the right pieces, you’ll want to display them so they shine. As her shop name suggests, Lori is a fan if vignettes, which are one way to create a beautiful display of various collectibles. Pair items with the same colors or materials. For example, in this display, Lori went with a brown and rust-colored theme, from the wicker jug and vintage French dress form to the rusted wheels, old books and weathered clock. She complemented the brown with bright blooms of white and peach, which makes the scene pop.


Add French elegance to your own home with vintage finds.

In this display, Lori applied the same principle, but instead used a garden theme to set the scene. Mushroom and bird statues, rustic baskets and outdoor dishware create a neutral base, and the bright greenery finishes it off.

Whether your French style aspirations include rustic industrial, glittery boutique or royal elegance, get out there to find those vintage pieces and allow your home to attain the romance of France.