White armchairs and a toile covered ottoman
The clock in this small sitting area is an antique find. “My dad loved clocks,” says Ika, “so this clock is one of the first things that I bought. When my dad came to visit the last time, it wasn’t working and he fixed it. We painted it white and distressed it.” The antique chairs were lucky finds, reupholstered and paired with a toile covered ottoman.

Ika and Greg have always loved to collect angels and keep them on display throughout their home – from an aged sculpture on a tabletop to lacy pillowcase cupids in the master bedroom to watchful figures in the garden, they are nearly everywhere you look. It’s not surprising, then, that when it came time to decorate their home they sought to create a haven worthy of their collection.

All white master bedroom decorating ideas
The bed’s centerpiece is an antique lace pillow, found in France by Ika and Greg’s daughter and brought home as a souvenir.
Vintage fireplace mantel in white
When Greg and Ika found this vintage mantelpiece at a local flea market, they rebuilt the fireplace to accommodate it. Ika had been dreaming of something like this since she saw a similar picture in a magazine years before.

Inspired by the decor of photographer Lu Tapp, a friend of their daughter, they choose to transform their suburban California home with vintage treasures and an otherworldly palette of creamy, dreamy whites. In fact, Lu became a personal angel to them during the redecorating process, helping them with everything along the way, including planning renovations, choosing colors and finding vintage accessories.

The house, built in 1976, was ready for a refresh when the couple moved in. They replaced the tired carpeting with new hardwood floors, opened windows and archways in the dining room and increased the size of the master bedroom by one-third with an addition to the building.

In the kitchen, they installed a new kitchen island for needed working space, and replaced the black countertops with white Carerra marble. The cabinets were updated with white paint.  Ika, praising the contractors who did the work, says, “The quality is so good it looks like it’s the original color, and it’s really easy to clean.” The kitchen’s tile floor, however, was a good fit for their new look and did not need to be replaced.


White kitchen decor

Throughout the house, Ika choose furnishings that are a mix of new and vintage, blended to provide a balance of vintage charm and modern comfort.

Foyer with French recamier chaise
There are at least 10 chandeliers in the house.

Most of the vintage pieces were repainted creamy shades of white to create the light-filled atmosphere that the homeowners dreamed of. Learning to paint furniture was a fun challenge, says Ika.

Both Ika and Greg love white, cream, soft colors and roses, so choosing the color scheme for their home was an easy decision.

Though the decorating is mostly finished, Ika admits it’s never really done. “There’s always something new,” she says. And with their guiding angel Lu to help, the Tafts can be sure their home will always be a perfect haven.