The biggest challenge of collecting antique pieces is figuring out how to display it all in a thoughtfully curated way. Alys Geertsen, owner of Paris Couture Antiques, collects and sells French-style antiques, and stages her home with pretty pieces that also control clutter. Here’s how to create organized spaces with romantic character.

A mix of old and new, Alys’ front room combines modern pieces with antiques.

A Pretty Front

Since her home doubles as an office space, her formal front room has to impress, and Alys does so with a collected, romantic touch. In her front room, a mix of French antique and new furnishings and a select few vintage accessories set the mood.

Alys keeps her home office in oder by stashing art supplies in pretty vintage furniture pieces.

Home Office Goals

Hidden behind antique barn doors, Alys’ office is equally functional and full of vintage charm. A late-1800s hutch from France conceals her art supplies inside drawers and behind doors. The small wooden carrier on top of her desk is full of shipping supplies for her business, including twine, scissors, labels, envelopes and pretty ribbons to wrap packages.

“It’s very important to me for my office to be both a space of visual inspiration and beauty, and be functional,” Alys says.

Antique mirrored trays keep Alys’ vaniy looking organized and pretty. Inside, plastic dividers keep makeup tidy and are easy to pull out and throw in the dishwasher.

Vanity Vavoom

This thrift market vanity was refurbished with black chalk paint and crystal knobs. A stool found at yard sale reupholstered with a silk floral pillow was an extra feminine touch. The vanity drawers easily store all of her makeup and she displays some antique perfume bottles on top. A Hollywood regency wall mirror and a smaller 1940s Venetian mirror complete the glamorous ensemble.“I try to make all of my spaces functional yet beautiful. I believe you can have both,” Alys says.