Open shelves make for chic storage in this Paris Apartment
An organized kitchen maximizes the limited space. “I installed open shelves because I wanted to create a space to display bits and bobs” says Adriana. They also keep the room open and and allow easy access to dishes. An old ladder is creatively used to hang dish towels.

Having a small space can actually be a benefit to your home’s style, according to the homeowner of a 400-square-foot apartment in Paris, France. “Small spaces are cozy and easier to style than larger homes,” says Adriana Anzola. “You just need the right things in the right place.” This apartment simply consists of a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom, but it comfortably fits Adriana’s everyday needs and vintage treasures.

Though most of the color palette includes whites, soft pinks and blues, this gold nightstand fits perfectly with the decor.

Romantic Luxury

Her style can be described as “Old English cottage meets French glamour,” with lots of florals for a cozy and relaxed feel. “I get a lot of inspiration from living in this beautiful city and from the vintage markets I visit regularly,” says Adriana.

Because she rents the apartment, all her changes are decorative. She painted the walls, but the ornate ceiling moldings are original to the structure and complement her vintage furniture. “Pretty much everything in my house comes from a vintage market,” says Adriana. “I like objects that have a soul and can tell a story. Unique finds create a unique place.”

One element she carries throughout her home is the distressed look. “I’m always in search of that piece with a perfectly aged patina,” she says. “It adds the right touch of rustic and country that I love so much.” Whether it’s a piece of wooden furniture or a faded rug, almost everything in her home has an aged look that adds history and romance to the space.

Authentic Turkish Rugs cover the living room floor with soft hues to let the decor take precedence.

Small Spaces

While small places have their benefits, they can be quite tricky to plan. “You have to be very organized if you want to keep [your home] tidy and looking pretty,” says Adriana. “Storage is the key. That way, you only display what you wish to display.” She demonstrates this idea by using her vintage finds for decorative storage.

A desk, trunk, armoire or even a small cabinet can make all the difference in how your space flows. Everything that you love can sit on top of the piece, while your everyday items can be hidden within it. “I say, if it’s not pretty don’t exhibit it!” she says.

A beautifully aged patina with chipped paint contrasts beautifully to the delicate place setting.

Neutral Balance

Though Adriana makes it look easy, some preparation is required if you dream to fill your home with vintage finds. “Before going to a flea market, make sure you know your style, your color palette and your taste,” she says. “There are so many amazing objects at the markets that you risk coming home with things that are not going to have a place in your home.”

To make it easier for everything to blend well, start with a neutral wall base. “For me, a white space is the perfect canvas to start decorating and adding those special accents,” Adriana says. A soft color palette such as the whites, pinks, yellows and blues of her home will maintain a relaxing atmosphere, but you can also experiment with beige or light gray for a neutral background.

Like Adriana’s style? She has an Etsy shop, MyShabbyWhites, where she sells one-of-a-kind vintage french decor!