This red barn is a beautiful backdrop to a harvest-themed tablescape

The farmhouse aesthetic strikes the right balance of casual and chic to make any home feel relaxing throughout the year. Just a few cozy details make it all come to life.

Here are some key elements to recreate the look in any space in your home and even outdoors.

Rustic lanterns:
Nothing says farmhouse better than an old metal lantern. Whether copper or bronze, lanterns enhance the ambience, especially with the warm glow of candles inside.

Dainty candleholders:
Another way to set the mood, antique pillar candleholders add old-fashioned charm.

Pretty posies:
Fresh flowers bring color and natural beauty to any space, and are an absolute must when creating a romantic-rustic vibe.

Natural fibers:
Choose natural-fiber fabrics made of cotton, linen and wool for accents and upholstery. Un-dyed and less processed cloth will offer a more rustic look, while vintage fabrics add a touch of history wherever they are used.

Patina-ed pieces:
Decorate with antique and flea-market finds that show some wear (the rustier the better).

Time-worn woods:
Perfectly imperfect wood furniture pieces bring character and warmth to any space, weathered finish and all.

Agrarian flair:
Accent with barn-style accessories such as antlers, horseshoes and old metal pitchforks as the final authentic touch on your farmhouse decor.