Christmas comes but once a year, but how long does that season last at your home?

When does the Christmas season officially begin? Is it after Halloween, when we’ve cleared away the faux cobwebs and tossed our jack-o-lanterns? Or once the Thanksgiving turkey has officially become leftovers? “Christmas creep,” or the way holiday merchandise trickles into our lives earlier and earlier ever year is at the center of this hot topic. There are two sides to every issue, and plenty of gray area in between.

Make the Magic Last

Some of us cannot wait for Christmas to arrive and will try to make the season last for as long as possible. The enchantment of the holiday is wrapped up in childhood nostalgia, feelings of good will toward all and delicious treats like eggnog and gingerbread that we reserve exclusively for this very season.

It can feel Scrooge-like to postpone experiencing the most wonderful time of the year when holiday songs are already on the radio and Christmas shopping can be completed before the mad rush starts or, in some cases, the Thanksgiving turkey is even purchased.

Everything in Turn

However, we also see the benefit of enjoying each holiday as it arrives and giving these special days dedicated space in our lives and home décor. Some of us believe it’s most appropriate to reserve the of buying and decorating of trees, the baking Buche de Noelle and the decking of halls until after Thanksgiving.

After all, wouldn’t it be awkward to pass the mashed potatoes and gravy around a table set, not with a representation of harvest’s bounty, but reindeer and Santa’s sleigh? When fresh options only last so long and nothing is less festive than a brown and brittle tree, there is plenty of time to appreciate pumpkins as well as pine trees.

Either way, it is completely a matter of personal or family tradition to decide when the Christmas season will start and what it will look like when it does. We all enjoy taking our time to plan for the holidays, decorating to suit the spirit of the occasion when the mood strikes and gathering together in celebration at every opportunity.