Blankets are cozy and warm in the winter, but most of us think of them as a utility item rather than a decor object. But they can serve both purposes! Here are several different kinds of throw blankets, and how you can use them to work in your decor.

Cabled Throw

Cabled Throw.

The cabled knit blanket gives off the ultimate cozy vibe. It reminds us of warm sweaters, reading books before the fire and beautiful snow outside. Display a cabled throw during the winter months to add texture and luxury to your living room or bedroom.


Furry Throw

Furry Throw.

Warm, rich and oh so soft, the furry throw works particularly well with upscale furniture for a luxurious feel. In this living room, a subtle cheetah print on the throw adds a bit of daring to the scene.


Knitted Throw

Knitted Throw.

While some blankets are thick and others are stiff, a knitted blanket is generally light and malleable. It’s perfect for the spring and summer months, when all you need is an extra light layer. As a bonus, leave the blanket out on your sofa or an upholstered chair for easy access.


Colored Throw

Colored Throw.

While off-white and gray blankets will coordinate with most styles and color schemes, a colored throw is the perfect way to add a vibrant pop to a room. This works especially well if the room or furniture has a neutral backdrop. You can even change out the colored throws to keep with the seasons—green or orange for summer, red or brown for fall, blue or gray for winter and pale pink or purple for spring.

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