A collection of vintage brass vessels displaying fresh green leaves.
An array of vintage brass vases in varying styles add texture to found greenery.

Filling your home with greenery doesn’t just add a sense of nature to your space- it can also contribute to mental wellness, physical health and can provide an overall calming effect to your home’s atmosphere. Studies show that indoor plants can trigger the release of dopamine, the happy hormone, lower stress levels, purify the air and clear your mind.

Some people are gifted with a green thumb but many of us are heavy-handed when it comes to keeping plants strong and alive. It takes a certain quality and attention to detail but thankfully, you can bring a natural environment into your home without the looming inevitability of accidentally killing your favorite potted pal.

Put on your walking shoes, bring a pair of scissors and grab a cute tote to put your foraged plants in. There’s a world of possibility just outside your front door!

Vintage brass pots filled with foraged foliage
Greenery that varies in texture and color adds a visual interest to the eye.

Start with a Base

What will you display your newfound foliage in? Think of a collection of unusual or fun items that will hold a bit of water. We chose an array of small brass items, tiny teapots and vases for our look. You may also like ceramic tea cups on saucers, mismatched vintage crystal glasses, silver goblets, or beautifully printed vintage coffee tins. The possibilities are endless for these sweet leaves!

Three pairs of vintage scissors surrounded by leaves
Vintage scissors lend a touch of whimsy to the process of foraging.

Get Outdoors

When foraging, make sure to check the laws and regulations local to your area, as many lovely spots do not allow visitors to pluck flowers, snip stems or otherwise remove natural life from the area. Once it’s clear that you can forage, make sure to pull stems from large bushes and not vines. Be careful of what you touch and pay attention to your surroundings for wildlife and cars. Wear gloves in case of thorns or the accidental brush of poison ivy. Look for stems that are 6-8 inches long with leaves that are full, thick and dark green, not yellowed or eaten away by bugs. (These will last the longest.) Be sure to cut your stems at any angle when removing from the plant and to shake them really well to avoid bringing any unwanted creatures inside.

Three vintage brass vessels filled with fresh cut leaves
Three pretty teapots house a multitude of foraged greenery.

The Look

Choose stems that differ in texture, style and color. When added together, a varying assortment of greenery adds visual interest and attracts attention. Carry your finds home and fill your vessels with a bit of water. Remove leaves that fall below the waterline. Change the water daily or every other day to keep it fresh and your stems perfectly hydrated. Many bushes grow thick leaves that are resilient; more often than not, they will last longer and hold their color better than store purchased greenery. When they finally do dry out, many stems can even be saved for months afterward because they retain so much of their natural color and character.

Spread your vessels throughout your space or create a display of them grouped together. Your friends will be impressed by your newly developed green thumb and you can enjoy the benefits of indoor greenery without worry!

Kayla DeVito is writer, photographer and the owner of Old Grace Gathering Co., a company dedicated to giving back to the community. Together with her husband, Kayla also converted a vintage bus into a traveling jewelry store. Discover more on Facebook and Instagram.