It’s almost February, which means it’s time to look for romantic, dream-come-true bedrooms. Take a peak at some of our favorite fairytale spaces from around the web.


Romantic Fairytale Bedroom

Dreaming in White

Lace, roses and sheer frills—what more could a girl want? This cozy spot gets its romance from myriad delicate fabrics within the all-white theme. Ruffles, lace and silk make things feel luxurious in the bedroom. Combine them with a touch of pale pink and lots of rose petals, and you’ve walked into your wildest dream.



Royal Blue

Romance can come in any color scheme—in this case, royal blue and purple. This fairytale room comes from a New York Fifth Avenue apartment. The dark wallpaper is dreamy and mysterious, while soft purple and white linens and pillows make it the ideal place to sleep or relax.


A Bed of Roses

A Bed of Roses

This bed comes from Ikea, which shows that you can make a fairytale romance from even the most basic items. Instead of a curtained canopy, trailing roses loop around the posts, and a floral curtain drapes over the top of the scene.


French Regency

French Regency

This estate in Canada will take you back to Versailles in the 1700s. Damask wallpaper, glittery chandeliers, heavy curtains and ruffled furniture skirts create a lush, romantic atmosphere. Just the kind of place a princess—or even Marie Antoinette—might live.


Fairytale Bedroom

Fairytale Bedroom

Russian Romance

These two fairytale bedrooms are part of an estate in Siberia, Russia, and make us feel like we’ve stepped into the pages of Anna Karenina. Floor to ceiling wood gives the home a lodge feel, while the painted patterns on the ceilings give an air of romance and Siberian tradition.


tiny Victorian cottage bedroom

Sleeping Beauty

If you want your prince to wake you up in style, this is the bedroom for you. At the top of a tiny Victorian cottage, the space is barely large enough for the length of the bed, but the sheer fabric from floor to ceiling helps disguise the sloping walls and small space.


amazing pirate bedroom

Ahoy, Matey!

As a bonus, if you’re looking to deck your kids’ rooms in fairy-tale worthy decor, check out this amazing pirate bedroom a dad built for his son!