Designer Profile: Svitlana Flom

Svitlana Flom is an expert on home entertainment and domestic elegance as well as the editor-in-chief of Art De Fete, an informative website that helps transform home décor form ordinary to extraordinary.

table settings

Here, Svitlana shares her top 10 favorite things for table settings.

table settings

1. White plates and chargers from the Rosenthal Studio-Line. White china is the staple of the entertaining world and, let’s be honest here, the food does look better on that white canvas!


water glass

2. Crate & Barrel water glass. Bring some color to the table by using water glasses with various shades to compliment your table’s hues. Amber always looks beautiful and works with so many other colors.


china collection

3. Jardin des Orchidées china collection by Hermés. The collection provides a playful yet refined floral dimension to your table. Each plate features an intricate hand-painted orchid bloom and is perfect as a dessert or salad plate. To save on cost but stay in-season, I mix and match various styles, collections, textures and colors together.


Barrel tablecloths

4. Crate & Barrel tablecloths. Stock your cupboard with few simple tablecloths and runners of various hues in styles and quality that will endure. A good tablecloth or runner serves as a foundation when creating your table décor.



Bottle vases

5. Bottle vases. Don’t break the bank. Look around your house and find a collection of jars, vases or glasses of various sizes and shapes. Tuck single stems in each vessel to create different heights and color groupings.




6. Layers and texture. A tablecloth and woven-wooden chargers help to add casual appeal and build layers of texture.



antique elements

7. Antiques. Bring modern and antique elements together for an interesting fusion and a cool conversation piece. This sugar bowl was acquired in a small antique store in Stockholm and was definitely a bargain.



Glass vessels

8. Glass vessels from Glossy Baby. Have a centerpiece that doesn’t obstruct a guest’s view across the table and will enhance the dinner’s overall ambiance. Glossy Baby has a great selection of beautiful small vessels in a variety of wonderful colors.



gourmet salts

9. Gourmet Salts. The Meadows has quite a selection of gourmet salts available in almost innumerable varieties of colors, grains and tastes. My personal favorites are Hawaiian Black Lava and Himalayan pink salts.




Iosis Velvet Pillows

10. Iosis Velvet Pillows. Colorful pillows are a great accent to any room. These velvet ones are great quality, extremely comfy and the deep purple is charming.



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Photography by Gary Flom



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