They say the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. The right food will win over just about anybody. A few cups of flour and some sugar can do wonders for your social life.

Your Mother-in-Law

This woman should be on the top of your cookie-giving list. She makes or breaks your holidays. If you over-season the turkey at your next Thanksgiving dinner, she will remember that one time you made her a delicious batch of cookies and remain silent.

Your Daughter/Son-in-Law

On the flip side, maybe you are the mother-in-law. In that case, catch your younger in-law off-guard with cookies so sweet and mouthwatering that he or she will have no choice but to endure your favorite story, for the hundredth time, at the family holiday party.

That Boss You Really Would Rather Not Make Cookies For

Maybe you don’t want to turn on your Kitchenaid for that person who keeps harassing your cubicle. But your not so kind boss will take more kindly to the possibilities of a promotion when surprised with freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Your Office Rival

Yummy confections will transform Janet’s smug smirk into a genuine smile. After tasting your baking prowess, your office rival might just let you in on a few office secrets.

The Best Student in the Pilates/Yoga Class

This also applies to your painting class, gardening club, or whatever group activity it is that you do. Give the star student cookies and he or she might just let you into the elite circle, also comprised of the second and third best students. Soon your praying mantis pose will just be as polished as the class protégé’s.

Your Husband’s Friends

Don’t let your significant other have too much cookie dough. Save some for his pals the next time they come over for a football game and watch them magically clean up after themselves.

Your Child’s Dance/Sport/Art Instructor

Whoever leads your child’s (or grandchild’s) recreational activity, make sure to give him or her a bag of treats. It won’t be a coincidence when you see your little one move up a row in his or her Nutcracker recital.

All The Students In Your Child’s Class

Don’t forget the kiddos! Making enough cookies for your child’s class isn’t as daunting as it sounds—each kid only really needs one cookie, and it will be worth it when your child comes home boasting a new friend or two (or forty). This is especially a great idea if your child is shy and needs an excuse to talk to his or her classmates.

Your Mailman

Give your mailman some cookies on his or her next route. You may stop experiencing the phenomena of finding your envelopes in your neighbor’s mailbox.

The Woman with the Best House Parties on the Block

Want to snag an invite to the envied neighborhood Easter party? Plant the seed that you’d be a wonderful guest and gift the best hostess on the street with scrumptious cookies.

Someone in Need

Ultimately, the holidays should be about selfless giving. Christmas time can be a particularly lonely time for many people. You could make someone’s holiday season a little brighter with a simple bag of cookies.