Create a Sweet and Savory Cheese Board

Keep small  plates and multiple cheese knives available for guests to easily serve themselves.

Whether you’re merely planning to set out a satiating snack for an informal event, or you’re arranging the appetizer before a larger course, you can’t go wrong with a well-considered cheese board. These spreads are easy to prepare and allow guests the opportunity to customize their own combination of flavors. Sweet or savory? Indulgent or simple? Everybody wins.

Pair your selected cheeses with other delicacies like figs or Champagne grapes, and complete the scene with a bouquet of elegant and bold flowers.

Our board starts with the rule of threes and places an emphasis on coordinated variety. The three cheeses each have a different texture and a unique flavor profile: the spreadable and tangy goat cheese, the sharp and brittle aged cheddar, and the mild and creamy gouda. To pair with our cheeses, we’ve selected a soft baguette, plain water crackers and a crunchy multi-grain crisp.

Layer flavors for taste and linens for elegance. Remember too, that food almost always tastes better enjoyed in pleasant weather.

No cheese board is complete without charcuterie meats that bring a substantial and savory flavor to the layout. Balancing the above items are Champagne grapes, figs and plums to provide a healthy dose of sweetness. Salted almonds are another healthy addition, and for a more indulgent touch, we simply had to add dark chocolate. Treat your guests’—and your own—taste buds to the perfect combination of flavors.

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