Photo by Tamara Menzi

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering for a few close friends or you’ll be hosting a houseful, we’ve rounded up a few festive cocktails (and a mocktail!) to help you ring in 2018!


Ready to celebrate? Swap out the club soda for prosecco or a dry champagne for a festive twist on this drink!
  1. Mulled Cranberry Spritzer. This spiced beverage pairs with fond memories of the past and ambitious goals for the future. We recommend sharing over lively conversation and among the closest friends.
  2. The Cookie Rookie’s Blackberry Ombre Sparkler. Not only does every ingredient in this beverage sound delicious, but the finished look is almost too pretty to drink! This one is for all of us who are planning a romantic date, whether staying in or going out, as the clock counts down.
  3. Baked Bree’s Prosecco Sorbet Cocktail. The best thing about this fizzy favorite is how simple Bree’s recipe is to follow, and yet it’s also endlessly customizable! If you plan to fill your house with friends and family, offer a variety of sorbets so guests to choose from their favorite flavors.
  4. Lexi’s Clean Kitchen French Kiss Cocktail. A little bit minty, a little bit fruity, this bubbly cocktail is a perfect for toasts. So raise your glass and offer a cheery “chin chin!” to your neighbor.
  5. The Little Kitchen’s Frost Bite Mocktail. Calling for soda instead of champagne or processo, this drink is a sweet treat for all ages.
  6. Yay for Food’s Pomegranate Honey Moscow Mule. The spicy kick of ginger beer, a dash of pomegranate’s tartness and the sweet flavor of honey elevate an already delicious Moscow Mule into a special beverage worthy of this special holiday. Make sure you’ve got enough copper mugs to go around! This recipe is easy to adjust for those who would rather do without alcohol, as ginger beer (the main ingredient), is non-alcoholic. In spite of what the name might suggest!
  7. Shared Appetite’s Sparkling Apple Sidecar.  Classy and quite tasty, you might want to plan on multiplying this recipe many times over. Just in case!