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Elegant and Easy Holiday Tablescape

Set with antique Limoges, silver monogrammed napkin rings and contemporary glasses, each place setting is centered on vintage Florentine trays.

The holidays are a time for creating elegant, gorgeous table settings with your finest antique dishes, silver and linens that are as magical as the holiday itself. Create a holiday tabletop with a fresh, inspired look that reflects you and your style.

Mixing your antique pieces with contemporary prints or accessories adds a little twist on the traditional. The juxtaposition of old with new, and casual with formal makes any table more visually interesting and personal.

Metallic touches in gold and silver tie the mismatched antique china patterns together for this sophisticated holiday table.

Whether you’re hosting family or guests for formal or informal meals, learn how to set an elegant yet modern table that mixes contemporary and antique elements that share a common thread. It can be color, shape or a theme that ties all your pieces together on your table. These tips will inspire a romantic holiday table that you and your guests will enjoy.

A collection of antique porcelain dishes in mixed patterns all come together at each place setting, echoing the colors of the centerpiece.
  1. Set the Stage. A table setting should be as diverse as your guest list, with layer upon layer of interest. While a white antique linen cloth is a classic base, using antique fabric, a bedspread or an antique linen bed sheet can add a touch of drama. Don’t be afraid to use something out of the ordinary to make your setting feel fresh, like a runner that is actually a remnant of designer wallpaper. The holidays are the time to be bold.
  2. Make Your Centerpiece the Star. It’s easy to create luxurious floral arrangements like a pro—just use arrangements of the same flowers in several vases of different heights. When you use a large quantity of the same flower, your arrangements will look luxurious. Sprinkle in a good amount of greens, and your table will literally come to life. A well thought-out centerpiece will unify and pump up the volume of your table’s theme.
  3. Mix Patterns. Combining your antique dishes with new pieces is a great way to refresh your tabletop. Choose similar tones, and pay attention to which plates are placed next to each other, pairing bold patterns with simpler designs to create balance. Add contemporary flatware to your table setting to update antique china, or use mismatched antique silver flatware for a dose of personality at each place setting. Use your collections; they’re meant to be enjoyed.
  4. Create Sparkle: Candles lend a warm, flattering glow to your table. They’re sure to bring a little romance and relaxed elegance to your meal. Place unscented candles and votives near shiny objects to create a sparkling effect.
  5. Get Personal. Don’t be afraid to add charming, personal favorite things to your tabletop. The prettier and more interesting your table feels, the more guests will enjoy their dining experience. Thinking outside the box, use objets d’art interspersed with flowers and candles for a centerpiece that will get conversations started. Antique accents add the softness of age and a richness of spirit. Mixing the old with the new, bring things to your table that tell a story and have history. Adding something a little quirky to your table will make it more appealing every time.

Designing a stunning holiday table is a gift from you to your guests. Use what you love, and make it work. Set your table with items that are special to you and unexpected touches to create a holiday to remember.

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