Valentine's Day lace cookies
Recipe and Photography by Ayda Algin

A candy box at the grocery store can borderline tacky. The love you have for your significant other is beautiful—so your Valentine’s Day treat to him or her should be too. But you don’t need to phone the local bakery for a flashy cake wrapped in layers of expensive fondant. We’ve compiled a list of recipes you can do yourself that will make any pastry chef’s head turn!

Lacy Valentine’s Day Cookies

Make sure your cookies taste as good as they look! This sugar cookie recipe serves as the perfect base to royal icing imprinted with lace.

Recipe here.

Pink champagne cake
Recipe and Photography courtesy of Olivia, Liv for Cake.

Pink Champagne Cake

Want to rekindle the spark in your relationship? This cake will do just that—and not just because it’s topped with lighted sparklers. With an exciting kick of champagne and the dreamy taste of vanilla buttercream, you’ll float higher to cloud nine with each bite.

Recipe here.


Pecan Linzer cookies
Recipe and Photography Courtesy of

Pecan Linzer Cookies with Cherry Filling

Love can sometimes drive you nutty—which is why these pecan-flavored cookies are appropriate for the occasion. But with an oh-so-sweet cherry filling, the soft touch of confectioner’s sugar and adorable heart cut-outs to top it all off, these charming cookies will only bring back sweet memories of love.

Recipe here.

rose petal chocolate bark
Recipe and Photography Courtesy of Ella Leché, Pure Ella

Rose Petal Dark Chocolate Bar

This recipe combines the world’s most popular aphrodisiacs—chocolate and roses—for the ultimate Valentine’s Day delicacy. Not only does the ingredient list call for dark chocolate, but it asks to include a secret, adults-only flavor: raw maca powder. No store-bought box of chocolates can inspire the same romantic feelings this chocolate bar will bring.

Recipe here.

red velvet heart cupcakes
Recipe and Photography Courtesy of Steph, Raspberri Cupcakes

Red Velvet Melting Moments

If you’re not fond of desserts heavy on the sweet side, these shortbread biscuits are your saviors from the usual Valentine’s Day cookies and chocolates. The biscuits’ red velvet flavoring and the cream cheese icing smushed between them will still give you a reasonable amount of sugary goodness.

Recipe here.

strawberry pops
Recipe and Photography Courtesy of Sommer, A Spicy Perspective

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Pops

Chocolate-dipped strawberries are cliche. Reinvent these classic Valentine treats by turning them into strawberry pops! Add stripes of red, pink and white with melting candies, and adorn the cute pops with ribbons and sprinkles. These adorable pops are especially perfect to serve at parties.

Recipe here.

heart cake roll
Recipe and Photography Courtesy of Tasbih, Cleobuttera

“Love is All Around” Cake Roll

Wow your significant other with a dessert that looks like it came straight out of Food Network. This patterned cake roll may look complex, but the recipe actually requires boxed cake mix. Not only is it the epitome of a Valentine treat with its sprawl of hearts and bright pink hue, but this cake roll is the perfect introduction to tackling the often daunting realm of patterned baked goods.

Recipe here.