The Faded Grandeur of Noble Hardee Mansion

Savannah’s last unrestored grand mansion sits on the corner of Bull Street at Monterey Square. The faded glory of this home draws you in to want to explore the inside. Photo credit: Georgian Gentility

Inside the Historic Noble Hardee Mansion

One of my favorite places to visit in the south is the historic Noble Hardee Mansion. In fact, I make it a point to get to this amazing and ultra-historic home every summer when I’m in Savannah, Georgia. This slightly spooky Italianate style home is actually known as the “last unrestored grand mansion of Savannah.”

Ancestral portraits line the stairway walls, and add to the mystery of this historic unrestored home.

Go upstairs and explore every nook

Unrestored, but completely jaw-dropping, this notable 1870’s era home is now home to Alex Raskin Antiques, a phenomenally unique antique store. As you explore the four stories of this glorious old mansion, you’ll come across thousands of amazing antiques, some that are piled sky-high on top of each other.

Exploring this historic home is quite an adventure. As you make your way through the labyrinth of antiques, you’ll notice amazing architectural details like these chunky door frames and 15 foot tall ceilings accented with elegant moldings.

Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, this place is packed with the most incredible antique furnishings, chandeliers and ancestral portraits. Make sure to go upstairs and check out the amazing views of the city from this home’s numerous outdoor balconies and upstairs porches.

The balconies and upstairs porches of this Italianate mansion turned antique store are also filled with interesting heirlooms, and offer amazing views of the southern end of Savannah’s historic district.

A stunning mansion filled with antiques

While first time visitors may be shocked to see the historic home in its time-worn state, most others embrace the faded grandeur that adds to its fascination and charm. Inside, the walls and carpets are worn, but the intrigue overshadows these flaws. One can only imagine the pristine beauty of this home when it hosted the most glorious gatherings and important guests over 100 years ago.

Don’t forget to look up while exploring this slightly spooky, but fascinating antique store.
Located on the southern end of Savannah’s historic district, the front steps of the Noble Hardee Mansion rise above this amazing city and has welcomed guests since the 1870’s.

Picture-perfect beauty from the street

Fancy cast iron balconies and rusty outer window frames harmonize beautifully with the crumbling gray and pink stucco that covers its exterior. The faded glory of this home meshes beautifully with the Spanish moss and tree lined streets that surround it.

At the entrance of the store, you’ll find that layers of history await you through the shabby chic blue door with its original glass doorknob.

One of the most beautiful spots in Savannah

Located on the southern end of Savannah’s historic district at 3 West Gordon Street, the entrance to the antique store is at street level at the corner of 441 Bull Street. You’ll enter through an amazing patinated blue door with its antique amethyst glass door knob. This grand architectural dream faces Monterey Square, which is one of the prettiest tree lined parks in Savannah. 

Fancy cast iron balconies and rusty outer window frames reflect the beauty of a bygone era.

Historic Savannah’s architectural charm

The home is named after its first owner, Noble Hardee, a cotton merchant who began building the home in 1860, but died before its completion. Throughout the Civil War, this mansion remained uncompleted until the Reconstruction era of the 1870s when it became one of the city’s most sophisticated residences.

Alex Raskin is the proud owner of the Noble-Hardee Mansion and has spent over twenty-five years filling this historic home with beautiful antiques from around the world.

An intriguing place to visit

If you’re in Savannah and would love to visit this grand manor and store, you’ll find Alex Raskin Antiques located at 441 Bull Street. Mr. Raskin is the proud owner of the Noble Hardee Mansion has spent over twenty-five years filling this historic home with auction treasures from around the world.

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