Christmas dinner table with mix of white and brown chairs and rustic decor.
A big family always requires extra chairs at the table. Here, Cindy has combine two different styles that blend effortlessly together. A smattering of red ornaments and accesories stand out against the white and burlap on the table. Cindy made the ruffled burlap wreathes that hang on the chair backs herself.

This home, decked out with French furnishings and a simple, Nordic-inspired color palette, could belong almost anywhere in Europe. But, in fact, this is the home of Cindy Roberts, owner of Cute Pink Stuff, in warm and sunny Southern California.

“Our home’s year-round style blends French and Nordic with rustic and feminine elements,” Cindy says. “Having a neutral palette of white makes it easy to incorporate splashes of red for the holidays. Adding neutral tones of brown blends nicely without changing our year-round style.”

Nordic style living room with Christmas tree.
The chippy benches placed around the tree add a rustic dimension to the room, and also provide additional space for packages. The ornaments on the tree itself are simple and in keeping with the decor of the room.

The traditional red and white color scheme in her home transitions very well to holiday time.

“In years past, I’ve been exuberant,” Cindy says, “opting for traditional red and green decor, colorful Christmas stockings, window dressings and poinsettia plants everywhere. This year, I kept it simple with splashes of red on a white background (walls, floors, furniture) combined with rustic elements (burlap, pinecones, bird nests) and elegant shine (mercury-glass ornaments).”

Nordic style kitchen with blue and whtie tile backsplash and red Christmas details.
The blue-and-white tile backsplash offers a bright point of interest to the otherwise neutral white kitchen, ensuring the room feels warm and welcoming year round. Bright splashes of Christmas red are all that’s needed to add seasonal cheer.


Kitchen counter set for casual holiday meal.
Christmas breakfast can be a casual affair, with fun place settings arranged at the kitchen counter. Each spot has it’s own special tree. Note the blue and white tile from the backsplash is repeated here on the counter.

Cindy makes many of her own holiday decorations, incorporating vintage textiles like seam binding and fabrics along with natural elements to create a uniquely personal look. Tabletops, mantels and doorways are decorated with sentimental items such as old Christmas cards and favorite handmade ornaments. The overall effect is organic and cozy.

White nordic style room with rustic holiday decor
Vintage ornament garlands are an easy way to add holiday charm to any room.

Against the neutral backdrop, it doesn’t take much color to add a distinctively festive air. Even faded pinks and green make a big impact in this setting, without the need to go overboard with decorations.

Rustic white window frame hung on wall with a wire Christmas tree and garland.
A handmade wire Christmas tree and a garland of vintage mercury glass ornaments turn this ordinary frame into a special holiday decoration.

Beyond the front rooms, Cindy has used simple decorations to bring Christmas throughout her small cottage home. Feather wreathes and strings of tiny ornaments blend easily with her rustic style without feeling intrusive.

A white, Nortic style bedroom with rustic holiday decor.
A pair of garlands over the bed and a few white silk flowers bring the Christmas spirit to the master bedroom.


Day bed piled high with pillows and presents.
Pillow covers inscribed with holiday greetings are an easy way to bring Christmas to almost any room in the house.

Chippy cabinet decorated for Christmas in Nordic style home.

Every year, Cindy tackles her Christmas decor with new ideas. “Each year presents a different decorating style,” she says. This includes the incorporation of new DIY projects, color combinations and ornaments. The minimalist atmosphere keeps the focus on her handcrafted artwork.

Each year also brings a new tradition to the family, one that allows them to slow down and savor the pleasures of the season.

An enclosed porch with rustic furnishings and holiday decor.
In the warm California winters, Cindy likes to entertain outdoors year round. The porch curtains keep the sun from intruding too much, and make this outdoor space feel like a true Nordic retreat.


All white bathroom with ornamental mirror over a blue and white basin.
Even the bathroom gets a little holiday flair. The paperwhites growing on the sunny window sill should sport blooms just in time for Christmas.