melinda graham painted shutters

Since the porch is the gateway to your home, why not set the stage for the beauty that is to unfold when crossing the threshold of your front door? Create a great first impression when welcoming guests to your home by decking out your space with your own signature style and following these five porch decorating ideas.

Remember that even small changes can make a big impact. If an entire overhaul of the front porch is out of reach, consider a spring cleaning and just one or two of the following…

1. Paint the front door or shutters a new color

The porch is the transitional space between outdoors and indoors, so mix the colors of your garden and outdoor paint colors with the style and colors of the entry. Using this approach the lines between outdoor and indoor will blend seamlessly

melinda graham flower cushions

2. Make it pop

From spring flowers to fall harvest pumpkins, adding color can be an ever changing event. Then punch up the volume with outdoor fabrics on pillows and cushions.

melinda graham wreath

3. Hang a pretty wreath

The design of this home is farmhouse inspired. The porch décor echoes this theme with a soft romantic tone and hints of cottage garden style. Although this is a new home, it was clear that great thought was given to even the smallest details to add tremendous character to the entry. For example, this wreath effortlessly adds beautiful organic undertones to the front door.

melinda graham wooden stool

4. Refresh and refurbish

Peeling paint, sun-faded finishes and rusty railings will take away from any updates you wish to make. Buy or paint furnishings in neutral colors that complement the exterior of your home in finishes that will withstand the elements. Repurpose simple furniture items, such as this wooden stool, to display novelty garden items.

melinda graham area rug

5. Place a new rug at the front door

Adding an area rug can define seating areas, eating areas and entry areas. They can also introduce color and pattern while helping to remove foot traffic and debris at the door.

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