Sage green shiplap and white bedding
Sage green paint is a unique update on the ubiquitous look of white shiplap.

Say what you will about the beauty and brightness of white, but deeper tones can provide an unparalleled level of coziness where it matters most, the bedroom. Here are four tips for using dark shades to create a cozy bedroom:

  1. Incorporate Contrast: Visual variety is key in any space.
    In this room, white bedding pops against the muted background tones for a clean and crisp look.
    The lace trim adds a feminine touch to balance the earthy hues surrounding the space.
  2. Layer Textures: Shiplap along the walls, the brown quilted bedspread and the bench’s weathered wood finish combine other for a richly detailed atmosphere.
    Patterns created by color are limited to the ruddy tones in the rug, allowing the vintage piece to become a focal point that doesn’t have to compete for attention.
  3. Focus on Essentials: A truly relaxing space is also one that is free of clutter and distractions.
    Darker tones have the effect of making a space feel enclosed, and too many objects in this environment could create a feeling of claustrophobia instead of coziness.