Decorate Your Dining Room with Mismatched Pieces

A mix of furnishings can give your home a fresh and unique feel.

Where once it was the height of refined decorating to outfit your home in perfectly matched sets of furniture, today more and more homeowners are finding the best way to reflect their personal style is with mismatched pieces.

Whether blending different styles, colors or materials, using a mix of furnishings can give your home a fresh and unique feel. Mastering this look requires a bit of finesse, simply placing any chairs around any table won’t necessarily yield stunning results.

Photography by Bret Gum
The black and white gingham pattern accentuates the color-coordinated scene on each chair’s back rest.

If you want your dining room to feel more curated than slapdash, a thoughtfully collected space as opposed to catchall student housing, take styling cues from these four elegant and eclectic rooms.

In this French-country-inspired dining room, the homeowner and decorator paired a traditional dark-wood dining table with chairs updated with black lacquer paint and check and toile fabrics.

The formality of the large table is tempered by the styling of the chairs, which can easily be used elsewhere in the home when extra seating is needed.

This dining set has a fun, garden-inspired feel thanks to a set of dining chairs painted in complementary floral tones.

The paint job highlights the detailing on each chair, making each curve pop against the contrasting dark table. White cushions further tie the styling of the chairs together.

Photography by Bret Gum
Photography by Bret Gum

In this dining room, a two-toned table is matched with six walnut-stained chairs to complement its top and two whitewashed chairs to complement its legs and base. All eight chairs have the same seat upholstery unifying the warmly rustic look. Remove a leaf and pull back the whitewashed chairs for a new look.

Photography by Bret Gum
Photography by Bret Gum

This look can be carried through to your outdoor dining spaces. Here, a chippy green vintage table is set with fresh white Adirondack chairs for a casual and inviting spot perfectly suited for lazy summer breakfasts.


Coastal Style Underfoot

Decorate in summery, coastal style using a rug as a base—inside or out!

Decorate in summery, coastal style using a rug as a base–inside or out!

Summer thoughts inevitably turn toward the beach. Even if you can’t make it to the beach this season, it’s easy to infuse your home with romantic, coastal decor. With neutral colors and pale blues, coastal themes will likely fit right in with the soft, inviting hues you love. Your key ingredient for a coastal look, whether for a living room, bedroom or patio, just might be a rug.

Coastal style patio with turquoise rug

This turquoise rug sets the tone for the patio, making it feel like a welcoming, homey space as well as a coastal one–no matter how far away the ocean may be! The pattern also injects some fun and visual variety while echoing the linear patterns on the cushions and throw pillows.

Coastal style patio with neutral rug

Go for an even lighter, softer palette using a neutral rug for the base of your color scheme. The subtle pattern of this Dash & Albert rug sets a subtle, elegant yet easygoing base. Its neutral platinum and white is perfect for layering tone on tone beach neutrals and helps the pops of pink stand out even more. Woven textures are another way to layer on top of the the rug for a tactile seaside feel.

Coastal bedroom with neutral rug

The great thing about rugs is you can use them inside and out. (Even if they’re not labeled indoor/outdoor, feel free to use them as you see fit.) See how the exact same Dash & Albert Diamond-patterned rug still helps accomplish a coastal base in a bedroom. It’s also a great example of why neutral rugs are so versatile since here it pairs beautifully with soft blues and greens.

Decorating with Throw Blankets

Turn a functional piece into a decor item by featuring your throw blanket's texture.

Blankets are cozy and warm in the winter, but most of us think of them as a utility item rather than a decor object. But they can serve both purposes! Here are several different kinds of throw blankets, and how you can use them to work in your decor.

Cabled Throw

Cabled Throw.

The cabled knit blanket gives off the ultimate cozy vibe. It reminds us of warm sweaters, reading books before the fire and beautiful snow outside. Display a cabled throw during the winter months to add texture and luxury to your living room or bedroom.


Furry Throw

Furry Throw.

Warm, rich and oh so soft, the furry throw works particularly well with upscale furniture for a luxurious feel. In this living room, a subtle cheetah print on the throw adds a bit of daring to the scene.


Knitted Throw

Knitted Throw.

While some blankets are thick and others are stiff, a knitted blanket is generally light and malleable. It’s perfect for the spring and summer months, when all you need is an extra light layer. As a bonus, leave the blanket out on your sofa or an upholstered chair for easy access.


Colored Throw

Colored Throw.

While off-white and gray blankets will coordinate with most styles and color schemes, a colored throw is the perfect way to add a vibrant pop to a room. This works especially well if the room or furniture has a neutral backdrop. You can even change out the colored throws to keep with the seasons—green or orange for summer, red or brown for fall, blue or gray for winter and pale pink or purple for spring.

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Welcome Spring into Your Bedroom Décor

This is the season to celebrate new life and what better way than with the color green! In this bedroom, it is the main color, accented with white and pops of purple and gold. Add in natural light flooding through the window and, voila! You’ve got a spring-ready romantic retreat.

Romantic Spring Bedroom

1. Go green. In this bedroom, the green walls accented by green pillows on the bed create a calming effect while also livening the space. Pair these details with white and gold to add romance and a bright feel.

2. Fresh flowers. Now is the time to let blooms rule. You can never have enough arrangements as long as you keep them clean and simple. The purple flowers in this picture add a hint of color that helps enhance the rest of the room.

3. Open your shutters. Let light abound in your home. It will bring warmth and draw attention to the color in your home. The sun mirror on the wall reflects light and is itself symbolic of sunlight spreading in the room.



Display It with Style: Wall Art

Show off your collections artfully with creative wall displays.

Photo by Bret Gum

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean you should be limited to using one beautiful painting per wall. Group several paintings together to create a unique display that makes use of your flea market and thrift shop finds! Keep in mind a simple color palette or theme if you are displaying paintings. Put the largest painting in the middle as the focal point, and artfully arrange smaller paintings around it. Don’t align the paintings so they are at the same level: keep it visually interesting and put them at various heights. There is something charming about a display that is “perfectly imperfect.”


Photo by Bret Gum

Your displays aren’t just limited to paintings. Try hanging up vintage mirrors, sun hats or ceramic plates—or anything that you love and collect! The key is to just be yourself. It’s your home, so cater the style so that it suits you.


living room
Photo by Jacqueline deMontravel

If you want your items to really pop and take center stage, use a neutral wall color to create a blank canvas that is easy to decorate. In the case with mirrors, which reflect the light of the room, let them shine against a darker hue, such as the ash gray wall shown here. If you don’t want to commit to painting a room in a dark color, just paint one wall, which will highlight your collection even more. Happy hanging and have fun creating your one-of-a-kind look.