Daydream Bed

Learn how to turn your bed into the ultimate luxurious escape.

romantic bedroom

Want a luxurious, romantic escape where you can read a book or curl up for a nap? Turn your bedroom into a romantic getaway with these 4 tips:

  1. The fluffier, the better. What kind of bed makes you want to take a running leap and sprawl among the covers? It has to have a lot of plump pillows and a deep, comfortable bedspread or comforter. Get down-feathered items for a rich look that will make you long for bed every time you walk into the room.
  2. Set the mood with color. The color you choose in the bedroom will help set the mood. Bright colors are fun and peppy—they’ll put a bounce in your step. Dark colors are mysterious and amorous. While you can add romance with any color, pastel shades are the most romantic—they’ll bring a fresh air to the bedroom.
  3. Think sheer. Lace, silk and other translucent fabrics speak of romance and feminine luxury. Try sheer curtains, a lace-trimmed bed skirt or ruffles on a vanity seat cushion.
  4. Add a little sparkle. It doesn’t hurt to add a little glamor—especially if it’s in the form of a chandelier. Match the fixture with the colors of your bedroom for a cohesive look. If you can’t add a chandelier, drape a strand of sparkly beads over the side of a bedside lamp or headboard.

5 Tips for Creating a Romantic Wedding

Few things are more dreamy than weddings. So here are five tips for creating a romantic wedding.

Romantic Wedding Decor

1. Lighting sets the tone. There can never be too many candles when creating a romantic setting–and the softer the light the better. Notice in this picture, twinkle lights flood the space with glamor and remind guests of a night sky filled with stars.

2. Make your guests feel at ease with all the little details. Sheer drapery hangs gently around the reception entrances, ushering them into a dream. Chevron rugs are placed beneath the tables mixing the comfort of home with the authenticity of nature. Each and every detail is both relaxing and inviting.

3. Add some whimsy and an element of surprise. You don’t wants guests getting too cozy, after-all, this is a party! In this wedding scene, chairs and benches are interchanged creating visual interest and variety. It gives the space a chic lounge feel reminding guests it is time to celebrate.

4. Keep flower arrangements low to the table. To encourage good conversation during the meal, make sure your guests can see each other. Floral arrangements aren’t the only way to decorate and sometimes less is more. In this wedding, arrangements add a pop of color without being distracting.

5. Enjoy yourself! Delight in the romance and soak up the scenery. Let all the planning melt away as you dance under the stars. Remember to have fun, relax, and be with the ones you love.

5 Tips for a Colorful Summer Party

Summer isn’t over yet, so make sure your next celebration is as colorful and cheery as the season itself. Use bright colors, fun patterns and a relaxed attitude to create a truly summer inspired celebration. Follow these five tips on how to decorate your table to give guests a joyous experience.

Colorful and cheery, this summer inspired table is perfect for summer celebrations.

1. Make your colors bright. Don’t underestimate the power of primaries. Blue, yellow, red, orange and green offer a classically bright theme sure to please any guest.

2. Pick the right linens. Here, a classic white and red striped table cloth adds cheer while keeping in perfect harmony with the color pallet. The right linens will support your color scheme, create a good background for your place settings and make guests feel welcome.

3. Elevate your centerpiece. Keep your centerpiece simple so that your cheerful decor can shine. Let your decadent desserts stand tall by placing them on a cake stand, offering color as well as a fun touch. Guests will also appreciate having desserts within arms reach.

4. Patterned place setting. Use patterns to liven up your table. Here, a fun floral motif on the dinner plate offers a colorful border for your gourmet meal. Two-toned glasses and flatware that features different colored handles creates perfectly summer themed charm.

5. Above all, have fun. Celebrate summer for it’s relaxed and casual nature with your guests. Mix together favorite pieces for a personal touch that everyone will appreciate. Don’t let the season slip by without enjoying a charming, colorful and fun celebration.