Less is More: 3 Tips to Edit Any Room

Overrun with stuff? Follow these short and simple tips to edit out unnecessary extras.

Heirloom pumpkins add color to Courtney Allison's curated collection of servingware
Courtney’s hutch is carefully curated with her collection of servingware and styled for fall with heirloom pumpkins.

In spaces big and small, maximizing your space and clearing clutter are musts. No matter your home’s layout or style, work with the space you have and highlight the details that matter most to you. Follow these tips to edit each room to look its best.

Minimize everything: Reduce each room to the most basic furniture pieces (multifunctional pieces are ideal) and only decorate with a few key accents to truly shine.

Make it personal: Personal and sentimental touches, from children’s art to sweet family photos, make a house feel like home.

Seasonal flair: Bring the beautiful colors and textures of the season to your home with freshly picked flowers and fruits for an extra dose of color and whimsy.

How to Preserve Your Christmas Collectibles

Learn how to avoid a broken collectible and a broken heart with these tips on preservation.


Don’t let all the time you’ve invested into piecing together the perfect Christmas tree or dining set go into shambles…literally. Treat your decor and ornaments like the precious pieces they are to avoid a tree or table boasting scratches and chips—especially if the pieces are vintage.

Diane Sedo, a featured Romantic Homes stylist and photographer, gave us her tips on how to preserve and store your holiday decor so they’re just as bright, glittery or shiny—and most importantly, in-tact—next year.

Santa punch bowl


  • To prevent scratches, always remove the metal hooks from ornaments and store them in a resealable storage bag.
  • Dust your ornaments with a feather duster or soft artist’s brush.


  • “I store components of vignettes together so I don’t have to search through boxes to put them together again,” Diane said.
  • “Store like ornaments together. I label the containers to identify the category of items such as glass, fabric or plastic.”
  • “I store my ornaments in sturdy boxes with several layers of divided compartments. Storage and organization stores sell a large variety of storage boxes made specifically for holiday decorations. I individually wrap fragile ornaments in acid-free tissue before packing them away.”
  • “Vintage hatboxes are perfect for large or odd-size pieces. When I can, I store each piece in its original box,  but that’s not always possible. Egg cartons and plastic containers protect fragile pieces. I store them in a hall or bedroom closet where there is no drastic change in temperature or moisture like in an attic, basement or garage.”

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