Romantic gardens beg for outdoor entertaining, especially in the summertime. Create the perfect outdoor dining room by setting a garden table that is as functional as it is romantic.

Set a romantic garden table by combining textures and treaures from your garden and home.


Table cloths are not limited to the house. Drape burlap over your patio table to cover stains and wear without the predictability of plastic outdoor cloths. Just before the guests arrive, create stylish sophistication by covering patio chair cushions with soft fabrics.



Bring the charm of your collectables outside and put them to good use. Antique pitchers make for perfect vases to display your garden’s blooms. Smaller pieces can house items such as silverware and straws. Don’t be afraid to serve food on real dinnerware as it creates an especially romantic finishing touch.



Cages over food not only help keep garden critters at bay, but add layers of interest to your table setting. Using real cloth napkins gives a special romantic touch while a simple color pallet gives guests a relaxing atmosphere.



Having your outdoor dining table tucked away in the gardens offers a secret and romantic feel. When creating your garden’s entertaining area, build a simple cover to highlight that “tucked away” feeling. Adding lighting in the form of sting market lights or old chandeliers adds yet another romantic touch.