The Beauty in White

The neutral shade of white makes a space simple and peaceful.

romantic bedroomA room dressed in white allows my mind to rest, think, be soothed and be at peace. It is a color that is always willing to be applied to almost any décor and style, from ultra modern to ethereal and romantic. What started as a simple dalliance with white has now become a true love affair. And so, embracing my new love, I have transformed my 1820s Federal Colonial bedroom into a space fashioned in the serenity of white.

Though white is now the foundation of my décor, I still follow certain design principles. First, I fill the space with only the things I’m passionate about. Antiques and old architectural elements are trademark pieces that I depend on, which I mix with newer finds. Iron gates and antique mantels are also generously used for their charm and interest.

fireplaceA bedroom should always be one’s sanctuary. My rule for the bedroom is television is taboo, thus securing its position as the one room in the home to truly escape the stresses of the day. The walls are painted in a soft pink, while the furnishings and accessories are, once again, white. The bedding’s glorious, oversized white puffs beg me to slip underneath and sleep. In this room, I indulge my love of accessories, ghostly mirrors, architectural elements, white and pink roses, and French accents; plenty of candles are scattered throughout. And finally, my signature chandelier—another French antique—adds just the right amount of sophistication.

home decor candles

Principles to Creating a Romantic Room

Rustic furnishings, monogrammed textiles, primitive floors, fireplaces and antiques are items that are the foundation of modern country style.

Decorate with wrought-iron sofas, chairs and daybeds, preferably in white, black or copper. Painted, carved chairs and boudoir vanities in white, black or blue.

Paint walls in warm shades of cream, white and blue. Textured wallpaper and toile are great alternatives.

The French like to indulge in luxurious embellishments. A few favorite choices include European linens and laces, burlap pillows, beaded chandeliers, garden urns, aged church pieces and statuary, old pottery, baskets, vintage papier and tarnished silver. All whisper charm with a French accent.

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Written and photographed by Jo-Anne Coletti

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